Aviation Medical Examiner for FAA Physical Exams in San Diego

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Spaceflight Participant Screening Exams

Effective May, 2014, Dr. Dysart is approved by Virgin Galactic, LLC, to perform spaceflight participant screening exams.

This cost for this exam is $250.00. Please note, this is an administrative physical and is generally not covered by medical insurance. We are unable to bill your carrier for this service. You must pay in full prior to examination.

What to expect during your exam:

  • Your vitals including height, weight and blood pressure will be checked.
  • Measurements will be taken to assure proper fit of flight equipment.
  • You will provide information about your medical history, current problems and medications.
  • A brief physical exam will be performed to assess your overall physical health.
  • Hearing and vision screening tests will be done.
  • A urinalysis is performed.